Mar-Com Rijeka - Izrada web stranica

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Who are we?

We are a company from Rijeka, which provides private and business customers with complete
support in IT.

From consultations, to IT projects, selling and installation of computers, operating systems and programs, creating networks, and creation of your Internet presence on the web, as well as later maintenance and training.

Modern approach

We use the most cutting-edge technology in the market, so our customers get the best product.

A combination of youth and experience

Our team is a combination of many years of experience in working with IT technologies and young ambitious experts.


Excellent relationship with customers is our primary task, and we are open to conversation or advice about your business.

Mar-Com Rijeka - Izrada web stranica

Our mission is to provide customers with complete support in IT.

It does not matter if it is IT support, web design or graphic design it's our mission to offer our customers the best product or service, and make their life easy.


The goal of our business is to develop an excellent relationship with customers and to introduce them to the importance of information technology in business.

Our priority is to make our products or services easier for our clients, and to guide them in the direction in which modern business moves.

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Mar-Com Rijeka - Izrada web stranica

Our clients and partners

Take a look at some of our clients and partners throughout our years of IT work.

Mar-Com Rijeka - Izrada web stranica

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