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IT support

Clients who want to upgrade their business are confronted with a series of dilemmas about purchasing IT equipment, software, licenses, printers, network devices, etc. There are frequent examples of purchasing inadequate and expensive equipment, unnecessary components, or incompatible devices. Allow us to do all that things for you and you can be sure you won't' have to think about those problems anymore.

Maintenance of IT equipment

Selling IT equipment

Computer service

IT system administration

The time has come when this question is asked rarely. Provide information to your customers, users, business partners, or anyone interested in your offers, pricing, and business, all in one place, 24 hours a day, from any point in the world.

We can help you to make this step to your presence on the Internet in a simple and convenient way!

Our work

IT support is a service that provides you with the proper administration of your computer systems and makes your life easier and simplifies your business tasks.

Your worries about choosing computer equipment, antivirus programs, or network devices, become our worries, so you can completely concentrate on your job.

Our work

Mar-Com Rijeka - Izrada web stranica

Web development

Creating a good website is our specialty. Your competition on the Internet will always be behind you!

  • Responsive design
  • SEO optimization
  • Content management systems
  • Web applications
  • Internet marketing
  • Simple website
  • Maintaining
  • Consultations

Startup package


Graphic design

The quality and uniqueness of your design separates you from your competition and will attract potential customers.

  • Creating a visual identity.

    The visual identity of a company is recognizing a company or a product purely by their design. The quality of the company's visualization is the foundation for good marketing. If properly designed and thought out, it communicates directly to your customers.

  • Design of posters, brochures, business cards and similar graphics contents.

    Do you want your message to connect with a lot of people? With experience gathered through the design of more than a hundred projects, we are ready to offer you the graphic solutions you need.

  • Multimedia Services.

    Processing and editing of multimedia projects such as video and audio content.

Mar-Com Rijeka - Izrada web stranica

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